Google’s Valentine Present: A Free Website

My name is Joe DeMike, and I’m the newest Get Your Business Online team member.  My team and I will help provide on-going support to our partners after our state launches.We really appreciate your partnership for the launch of the Vermont Get Your Business Online program and   thank you for the warm welcome to your beautiful state.  We have a couple updates to share.

New Partner Lead and Resources: We are updating our educational resources on our website and will be sharing those with you next month.  These new videos and worksheets are great resources for business owners who desire assistance in getting online and learning how to be successful online.  Stay tuned.

Give a Free Website for Valentine’s Day: We have created a new Valentine’s day creative offer for the free website that you can share with your members.  We think it’s a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s day and continue to promote the free website offer to those businesses who are now ready to build a website. Unlike a fancy dinner, you can make it in less than an hour. Unlike flowers, it will live longer than a week. Unlike diamonds, it’s absolutely free. Create and publish your free website today! Most websites are online in less than an hour. We’ll even throw in free hosting and a free domain name to sweeten the offer. Go To:


  • If you use an email marketing tool: Download the attached ZIP file and enter the HTML in your email tool.
  • If you are sending an email:  Download the attached image file and attach it to your message.
  • If you are send an email you can also include the offer as plain text: Simply copy and paste the text into your message: “Give your business the gift of a free website.